Plumbing DIY Tips

Plumbing Heating DIY Tips

Plumbing DIY Tips

A lot of repairs can be completed by yourself, if it has water in it is perfectly legal for you to attempt a repair. if you are trying to save money and feel confident enough why not try. (This does not apply to gas appliances as it contravenes the law) all work carried out on Gas Appliances must be by a Gas Safe Registered Engineers.

Checking boiler pressure

If you have a Combination boiler checking your water pressure is easy and vital part of your boiler maintenance. check that the presure is above one bar but not above two bar or in the green zone.

Checking the pressure is simple if you look on the front of most boilers you will find either a numbered gauge or a coloured gauge, if you find it under the correct setting simply top up the system with water, this may help with common faults expeiernced resulting in lose of heat or water.

If you find that your boiler is under pressure you will need to fill the system up to the required level. To do this simply look for a filling loop, about 65% of boilers have an external filing loop. Simply open the valve until you are in the green zone or at 1.5 bar. If you are having problems with this feel free to give us a call.

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A question we are often asked is, how often should we top it up?

On average believe once or twice a year is about right, if you have to top up your heating system more often than that, you may have a leak on the system or a defective part.

No heat or hot water remedies

if you have a sealed system or open system, the first thing is to check the water level, as specified above check to see your water pressure, if on the other hand you have a open system it may be wise to check your f and e tank normally placed in loft space.

Simply lift the lid and check that the ball valve inside is allowing water into the tank. If this still does not repair your problem, we suggest contacting us.

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